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Present coupon codes and sweepstakes even more interesting. With the new Easter Eggs plugin! Don't miss the regularly updated designs for your coupon codes and sweepstakes.
Easter Eggs on a website? From now on it is possible! Sometimes it is events, situations or experiences that trigger crazy ideas. Like every webmaster, I also have the problem with hold times and page impressions to “make the Google algorithm merciful”. Often good content, SEO and linking is simply not enough. Now I have to back up a bit. In the beginning of 2022 I finished a webshop for a client and gave a little coaching about SEO and how the client gets visitors to his site. (adsense, Insta, social media etc – you know what I mean). One evening I watched the movie “ready player one”. For those who don’t know the movie – it’s about hunting for Easter Eggs in a VR world. Ultimately, there are Easter Eggs hidden in the movie itself. OK!? You still don’t know what an Easter Egg is?! Easter Eggs are called the surprises hidden by the programmer. Easter Eggs can be found in applications & games. Often they are features or goodies that can be unlocked or just the name of the programmer. The game Adventure developed by Warren Robinett for the game console Atari 2600 (released by Atari in 1979) is considered the first game to contain an Easter Egg.

Easter Eggs on a website

My basic thought – for what purpose do we use the Internet?! The reasons are truly wide-ranging, but a not insignificant percentage of users play online and/or store online and are always on the hunt for a bargain. The crux of the matter was how to get users to playfully click through to a website to grab a coupon code or enter a sweepstakes. To get back to “ready player one” – my solution is called Easter Eggs
Setup Free Versionmr egg easter egg plugin – upload zip file – activate the plugin – make the settings of the plugin in the WordPress menu under Settings /Easter Egg – define a coupon code or solution word – split and distribute this code to the single Easter Eggs – now you can define pages or posts as Easter Eggs
mr egg easter egg plugin 2 1

Setup Pro Version


Before installing the Pro version, deactivate and delete the Free version..

– activate your license – you now have the possibility to hide more Easter Eggs – with the Pro version you can also hide Easter Eggs in products to make people aware of certain products

Take the Pro Version

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