3x BRB Animationen

3 versions of a BRB animation


3x BRB Animationen

3 versions of a BRB animation – You’re in need of a quick break while streaming and don’t want to show your viewers nothing but an empty chair? Then put an end to boredom and don’t risk your viewers running off. With these three variations of a BRB animation, you can even motivate your viewers to follow you / to sub to you. And that’s what you want, isn’t it? Provide some entertainment for your viewers during your absence and your follower count will rise.

Included in this download are two animations with a background and one transparent MOV file, which you can freely combine with your own pictures or videos in OBS (a streaming software). Like this, you call the shots and are always free to change the pictures however you want – because that’s the way to keep a community entertained: variety and fun should be at the forefront during streaming as well as during your streaming break. After all, there sometimes can be nothing worse or less entertaining than watching a streamer on his break. I’m offering you a simple solution to generate new followers without any extra effort needed from you.

When importing the files into your streaming software, make sure to set the file on “loop”, to, well, put the animation on loop. Like that, you can take a break without being watched by your followers, in return offering some variety to them.

– 3 files
– Format MOV & MP4
– 1920 x 1080 px
– 10 sek

The download link will be sent to you via email after you’ve placed your order (maybe also check your spam folder).
Here’s a SHORT (!) preview of the three animations

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BRB Animation3x BRB Animationen
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