BRB / Follow Me Animation

Follow Me Animation


BRB / Follow Me Animation

Just like that, your stream break becomes enjoyable for your viewers. Even the best streamers sometimes need a break. For that purpose, I’ve created this animation. With it, your viewers don’t end up staring into space, which in the worst case could cost you your followers. You don’t want that, do you? Offer up a memorable eyecatcher instead. Through this combination of a Follow Me & BRB animation, you can motivate your viewers to follow you.
When you decide to use this animation, you become a trendsetter and even show other streamers how streaming is done properly. Just compare this to ad breaks in television – in that case, nobody’s staring off into space either, there are (annoying) ads to watch instead. Nevertheless, your break doesn’t have to be as annoying for your viewers as ad breaks on TV, because you provide an arrangement of animations which leave an impression. Display great taste and give your viewers a reason to follow you. By buying this animation, you can provide 10 seconds of entertainment on a loop for your viewers. Included in this download is an MP4 file which can run on loop via your streaming software.

– Format MP4
– 1920 x 1080 px
– Länge 10 Sek

The download link will be sent to you via email after your purchase (maybe also check your spam folder).

Here’s a preview of the animation:

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Follow Me AnimationBRB / Follow Me Animation
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